manage and track valuable inventory

Squeeze more profit from your high-ticket inventory now! Have you ever wondered how much an inappropriate inventory tracking solution could be taxing on business profit?

Not all inventory are valued equally. Hence it's always wise to adopt the inventory tracking solution that's TRULY designed for your business.

For businesses that keep inventory of high-value but low-SKU (such as state-of-the-art digital equipments including medical equipments, computer or electronic merchandize, precious herbs, gemstones or others) it's always vital to be able to carefully track the flow of inventory at hand, including all important details as product serial number, batch number, expiry date etc.

Knowing how many inventory left at hand is far from enough. As a meticulous inventory manager, we will also need to track where exactly our inventory goes, in terms of destinations and customers, and when such transactions take place, and what's the quantity of it, and so on.

For instance, in the business of high-ticket inventory such as a medical instruments, you will really appreciate when a customer buys which of your product, to the very details of serial number. This will surely prove important and handy in providing a satisfactory maintenance services to your customers in the future.

Meanwhile, another essential feat of a successful inventory tracking solution is the capability of providing multi-dimentional analysis to the inventory in possession. Such analysis must reveal the true insight of sales performance result for various products and customers, which will in turn allow better allocation of business resources into the best performing products and customers.

All in all, inventory for any business will always play a significant role in the contribution of financial bottom line, which is also why an effective inventory tracking and management solution is always an anchoring ingredient to the formula of a successful business!

If you are tracking or managing high-ticket inventory items for your business, then you have come to the right solution here. Chrysanth Inventory Manager is designed exactly for such purposes. While our solution won't be the best for tracking business with hundreds of thousands of SKU, you will soon discover Chrysanth Inventory Manager's strength in high-value low-SKU inventory settings.

Squeeze more profit from your high-ticket inventory now!